Biodegradable Ecofriendly Sustainable Wheat Bran Dinner Plates (1Box)(10 Nos) (Wheat Bran)


  • THOOSHAN’s dinner plates are stiff leak proof microwave friendly and an excellent substitute for plastic, paper, Bagasse, or Areca palm plates
  • THOOSHAN’s dinner plates can be disposed off easily into the kitchen waste bin or can be used as cattle feed , poultry feed fish feed or as organic manure
  • You can hold this plate in your hand eat your food it will not leak
  • THOOSHAN’s dinner plates are micro wave safe
  • THOOSHAN’s dinner plates can be also used instead of firewood if cleaned and dried after use
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THOOSHAN’s dinner plates are an excellent substitute for single-use plastic plates, Paper plates, bagasse plates or Areca palm plates. THOOSHAN’s dishware has a longer shelf life which is fungus and bacteria resistant. Dishware from THOOSHAN is completely biodegradable and partially edible. However, you don’t always have to eat the plate; if you throw it away, it decomposes into organic manure for the plants. After its use, these tableware’s can be used as cattle feed, fish feed, or poultry feed. The use of single-use plastic could be reduced to large extent by this novel concept. Join us to change the way we eat and think about waste

Material Wheat Bran
Colour Brown
Shape Round
Number of Pieces 10
Product Care Instructions Microwave Safe
Size 6″ to 8″
Item Diameter 5 Inches
Is Microwaveable Yes


Weight 1.5 kg



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